World live Premiere of True Love Duet by Erkan and Anna Aki in Monte Carlo

Thirty years ago, Princess Grace left us. If this sad birthday is at the origin of the desire to create a tribute event, it is certainly not the connotation that the organizers of Grace, A Symbol Of Change wish to give to these three days. On the contrary it is a celebration to recognize the legacy of Grace in the three main roles of her life and to celebrate her unquestionable contribution to positive change around her. As a princess, she initiated a social and cultural economic boom in Monaco. As an actress, she  created a unique style mixing Hollywood glamour, elegance and sophistication that has shaped our collective memory of fashion. As a lady, her personality and kindness profoundly marked her surroundings and remains a source of inspiration for all women who want to pursue their dreams.

Erkan and Anna Aki are very proud to present their first ever duet True Love at the gala dinner on the 14th of September to the high-class auience.

"True Love" is the global hit from the last film starring Grace Kelly, "High Society".  There, she sang the song as a duet with Bing Crosby. 

It is "true love" which not only binds Erkan Aki to his music, but above all to his wonderful wife, the soprano Anna Steiner. "True Love", the Cole Porter classic from 1956 was the only song that Princess Grace, who was at that time still the film star Grace Kelly, sang as a duet with Bing Crosby. The film "High Society", in which she sang "True Love", was also the last film before she became Princess Grace thus Princess consort of Monaco. It was out of "true love" for the Prince of Monaco that she ended her successful Oscar-winning film career.

tl_files/pics/Erkan_Anna_Aki.jpg"True Love" in the version by Erkan and Anna should remind us of this and also pay homage to the unique love between Grace and Prince Rainier and the "true love" that Erkan and Anna also share with one another.

Princess Grace was a big promoter of art and culture, and the founder of the Symphony Orchestra and Ballet in Monaco. But she also felt "true love" for poor and sick children, for her people and, of course, for her family.

With "True Love", Erkan and Anna also want to take a stand, like Princess Grace, for us to be more willing to love our neighbours, to have more dedication and to be more willing to help those less privileged than ourselves. A link between the major film star and the dedicated First Lady of Monaco, Princess Grace, and the unique musician and tenor Erkan Aki, the "Tenor Voice of Popular Classic", is primarily found in the "true love" that these two individuals had and have for their partners, art and social commitment.

"True Love" binds us all!

Foto: MOKOH Music

Erkan Aki as surprise and guests star during the German Chorus Festival

ERKAN AKI will be performing as surprise- and guest star on the 9th of June 2012. This will happen in cooperation with the project chorus of the Maintal-Sängerbund. The performance will be guided by Alexander Franz and will happen on the Open Air Stage at the river main. Through this performance Erkan Aki will continue his successful and passionate collaboration with chorus. The appearance is among the German Chor festival which will take place from the 7th till 10th of June in Francfourt and now all Erkan Aki supporters do have a reason to join in.

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